MSCI China Indices

Reflecting the diversity of the China equity universe

The MSCI China Indices target both international and domestic clients in the China market, including Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors (QDII) and Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII) licensees.

  The MSCI China Indices consist of a range of country, composite, domestic and non-domestic indices, including: 

  • the flagship MSCI China A Index
  • the MSCI Broad China Index, a representative sample for the entire Chinese investment universe, combining A, H, B, Red and P Chip share classes as well as Hong Kong-listed companies, and
  • the MSCI Golden Dragon A Index, including all China share classes together with Hong Kong and Taiwan securities


MSCI China A Investable Market Index (IMI) Index 

The MSCI China A IMI Index provides comprehensive coverage of large, mid and small cap segments and is constructed using the MSCI Global Investable Market Index Methodology. It is designed to be used as a performance benchmark for a broad range of clients investing in the A share market. Style and sector indices are also available.

MSCI China Index and MSCI Hong Kong Index

The MSCI China and the MSCI Hong Kong Indices provide coverage of the large and mid cap segments in each market and are constructed according to the MSCI Global Investable Market Index Methodology . The MSCI China Index is part of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, while the MSCI Hong Kong Index is part of the MSCI World Index.

Composite Indices

The MSCI composite indices for China aim to reflect the investment opportunity set of combined domestic and non-domestic China equity markets. The most comprehensive of these indices is the MSCI Golden Dragon A Index, which combines the MSCI China, MSCI Hong Kong, MSCI China A and the MSCI Taiwan Indices.


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