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As the economy starts to show promise of recovery, now is the time to prepare for your business growth. This recession will have a long-term effect on your customer landscape, and you need to adapt accordingly. To help you succeed, Gartner is bringing together a visionary panel of our senior analysts to discuss the true state of the recovering marketplace and the opportunities it will present you.

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Session One: Cloud Computing Management Enabling a Multi-Sourcing Strategy
Naveen Mishra

Cloud computing may be paving the way towards reducing the cost of computing, but research shows that a lack of a comprehensive management strategy for virtualization technology, could dramatically impact the overall return on investment. In this presentation, we will explore the approaches of cloud computing and how management vendors and standards are shaping up to help fill in the gaps. In this session you will learn: The patterns of cloud computing and how do impact traditional management strategy. The type of management providers and standards that are emerging to ease the path to the clouds. What you must do to integrate and operationalize an IT organizations internal (private) and external (public) cloud-based architecture?


Session Two: Improving Partner & Channel Performance Asia Emerging Trends in 2010 and Beyond
Neil McMurchy

Were you faced with a difficult selling environment across your entire product and services spectrum in 2009? Did you feel a heightened sense of urgency to improve sales effectiveness? You werent the only IT Vendor under pressure. Those who historically engaged the channel for market coverage doubled their investment with key partners, while those who were in go-to-market transition were faced with the challenge of realigning the business when sales needed the most attention. Attend this session to find out: The best practices in improving partner and channel program performance in Asia The future global trends which will affect the trends and markets in Asia.


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Session Three: Key components of a Green IT Vendor Strategy
Bettina Tratz-Ryan

Do you know what constitutes a sustainable green vendor? Many IT vendors have recognized the business value of positioning themselves as providers of green solutions, but the industry remains unclear on how to get there. Attend this session to gain understanding on the significant elements of green success. We will share with you the key metrics of energy efficient and carbon reducing technology approaches as well as the overall value preposition.


Session Four: Social Media - The Impact on Business and IT Marketing
Venecia K Liu

Are you finding it hard to ignore social media as a marketing tool? Not sure where to start? Like you, many IT Marketers are unclear on what to do with Twitter, Facebook, blogging and all the rest. In this presentation, Gartner shares insight into social media adoption. What we see working, failing and making a difference in how you communicate with your customers and the market at large. In this session we look at: Whether or not corporations are using social networking sites to conduct business? Which industries are adopting these platforms and how they are measuring the business benefits?


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