parents( expr ) Get a set of elements containing the unique ancestors of the matched set of elements (except for the root element). Can be filtered with an optional expressions. Return value: jQueryParameters: expr (String): (optional) An expression to filter the ancestors with appendTo( content ) 網址: show( speed, callback ) Returns: jQuery Show all matched elements using a graceful animation and firing an optional callback after completion. hide( ) Hides each of the set of matched elements if they are shown. Same as hide( speed, [callback] ) without animations. Doesn't change anything if the selected elements are all hidden. Demo : View SourceHides all paragraphs then the link on click. $("p").hide(); $("a").click(function () { $(this).hide(); return false; }); EFFECTS/ELEMENATE animate( params, [duration], [easing], [callback] ) DemoView SourceShows a div animate with a relative move. Click several times on the buttons to see the relative animations queued up. $("#right").click(function(){ $(".block").animate({"left": "+=50px"}, "slow"); }); $("#left").click(function(){ $(".block").animate({"left": "-=50px"}, "slow"); }); 希望能寫出可以拖拉但本身不會被移走的圖片

但這樣無法得到下方圖片的名稱也就無法進行刪除。因此,參照JQuery方法後做出: (其實這裡面的每個參數函數用法等都讓我花了好多時間去弄懂="=)

但這種方法會把上面的圖片刪掉。挨。遇到這種怎麼改也改不好的瓶頸,只好繼續上網找資料。 用"drag and drop example"關鍵字在YAHOO搜尋到的不錯網站: 1。這是一個很多jQuery範例的網站

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